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Capponi’s character was formed by the school of tough times. His guardians moved to Miami from Belgium when he was little. His dad was a continuance swimmer who twice broke the record for swimming the English Channel.

Our material world is filled with people who desire to be famous. These people are attracted to personages who have reached a level of notoriety in the world. It is important to have your fifteen minutes of fame continue forever. For these starstruck egocentric individuals to be recognized is a necessary ingredient to success. The spate of reality shoes on television is a good example. It started in the 1960’s with the PBS production of the Loud family. In its latest incarnation, the Kardashians, Jennifer included, represents the ultimate level of success for this starstruck segment of the population.

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Entertainment is a necessity for everyone but for the starstruck it must be on a grand scale. These people want to be on a fast track to the jet set. The love of family and close friends has been replaced by a longing to be adored by everyone. Entertainment for these rich and famous is in the hands of people like Michael Capponi who organizes galas and affairs for the exclusive members of society. Capponi and others know no bounds. There is a gala in Miami, then the venue moves across an ocean or maybe to outer space. Check out the update on Miami Beach nightlife mogul passed out before boat crash report says.

Those movers and shakers in any metropolitan area can seek entry to this exclusive arena mix with the rich and famous. If you have the credentials, you may be invited.