Why You Should Use Responsive Web Design

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Previously we created for desktop users first, and a mobile version was either a far also minimal functional knowledge or we have been making an attempt to force also much of our desktop internet site into it unnecessarily. Determining what is most essential to a viewer on a mobile gadget with restricted bandwidth, processing energy and display dimension means we get rid of something diluting our primary purpose or message and as a result, across all sizes of the site, we are focussed and concise in offering a better expertise to our clients.

Future proofing. Responsive websites function effectively across the multitude of existing units on the industry. It’s a secure bet it will for substantial time to come.

While the traditional PC used to be the main device used for browsing the web just a few years ago, this is now rapidly changing. Mobile Internet usage has grown by 16% from 2010 to 2015. As more people access the Internet on a mobile device, the way they consume information is going to change. When mobile phones first started having Internet functionality, many businesses chose to build a very simple version of their site aimed at mobile users. But now that mobile devices have become more advanced, this isn’t necessary anymore. Thanks to responsive web design, it is possible to make a standard desktop website display properly on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Based on The Tech Map‘s article, a responsive web design uses various methods which enable a website to automatically adapt to the user’s screen size so that they can get a better experience. That user will then be more likely to continue browsing the website and possibly become a customer of the business in question.